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Abalone on Mother of Pearl Shell Round Inlay Cabochon RNDABA
Abalone on Mother of Pearl Shell Square Cabochon
Abalone on Mother of Pearl Shell Square Inlay Cabochon SQILABA
Abalone on Mother of Pearl Shell Wing Shaped Inlay Cabochon WNABA
Abalone Shell Round with hole
Abalone Shell Round with hole
From $11.95
In stock, 28 units
Agate Druzy Cabochons
Agate Druzy Cabochons AGTDRZ
From $8
In stock, 25 units
Amazonite Cabochons
Amazonite AMZT
From $3
In stock, 90 units
Amber Cabochons
Amber Cabochons
Sold out
Amethyst Cabochons
Amethyst Cabochons AMETH
From $3
In stock, 87 units
Amethyst Drilled Crystal Point
Amethyst Druzy Cabochons
Angelite Cabochons
Angelite ANGL
From $2.50
In stock, 79 units
Apache Rhyolite Cabochons
Apache Rhyolite Cabochons APRY
From $9.95
In stock, 74 units
Atlantiscite CabochonsFree Form Large Atlantisite Cabochon
Atlantiscite ATIS
From $4
In stock, 18 units
Azurite Malachite Cabochons
Azurite Malachite Metal Matrix AZMAL
From $10
In stock, 120 units
Azurite Metal Matrix Cabochons
Azurite Metal Matrix AZMT
From $10
In stock, 124 units
Fluorite Banded Cabochons
Banded Fluorite Cabochons BANFLUC
From $2.50
In stock, 149 units
Biggs Jasper Cabochons
Biggs Jasper Cabochons BIGS
From $3
In stock, 115 units
Bird's Eye Rhyolite Cabochons
Birds Eye Rhyolite Cabochons BIRDRY
From $2.50
In stock, 115 units
Black Feather Lace Cabochons
Black Feather Crazy Lace Cabochons BLKFE
From $3
In stock, 99 units
black feather lace polished flat
Black Feather Lace Agate Flats BKFLPFT
From $8
In stock, 4 units
Black Feather Plume Cabochons for Sale
Black Feather Plume Cabochons BLKFEAPL
From $4
In stock, 144 units
Black Garnet Cabochons
Black Garnet Cabochons BKGT
From $19
In stock, 347 units
Black Jade CabochonsBlack Jade Cabochons
Black Jade Actinolite BKJD
From $2.25
In stock, 69 units

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